To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: yay or nay?

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Everyone was talking about the release of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before for a really long time. Although I haven’t read the books, I wanted to know what all the hype is about. So, I opened Netflix and watched this movie. Is it a yay or a nay?

About the movie

The movie is an adaptation of the book To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, written by Jenny Han. Lara jean never had a boyfriend. However, she had crushes and she wrote them secret love letters which she, obviously, never sent. One day, all her letters reached all her crushes and then trouble begins…..

My opinion>

First things first, I haven’t read the book before watching the movie, so my opinion is solely based on what I have seen on screen. I knew that this movie is a romcom and I’m absolutely not a fan of this genre. However, I gave this movie a fair chance.

I think the casting has been done well. I read that the actresses are all Asian-Americans, so I think that does the story right. I can’t say more about the casting due to my visual impairment. Luckily the movie had audio description. However, I missed something maybe. I wasn’t sure whether the facial expressions were described or not. Moreover, were those important for the storyline? Can’t judge.

The movie is sometimes hilarious they said. Uhm, where and when? I didn’t laugh one single time. Eventually, i got quite bored. Like I know that nothing much happens, but wow could it be more predictable? Probably not. View Spoiler » It was an OK 1 hour and 40 minutes, but I won’t see the movie again. If you love romcom, it’s a must see. If you don’t, then it isn’t.

I realize that I’m sharing a very unpopular opinion here. I wanted to state that the movie is not bad, but it’s not my favorite movie either. Lately, I find myself in need of some more in depth stories with a little bit of an “edge”. You know what I mean right? Where something happens. Noticed this in books, but clearly it also goes for movies and series. I have the feeling that this movie and therefore this book series will not suit me. I like new adult romantic stories much more these days – probably because they are much more serious and address some serious issues -, but romance is not my go to genre. I still like young adult contemporary, but not that much when it only evolves around romance and without a deeper story underneath the surface. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before simply couldn’t provide me with just that.

If I should rate the movie with stars, I would rate To All The Boys I’ve Loved before somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 stars. So, it’s somewhere in the middle between yay or nay. Yay for once, nay for a next time. And probably nay for the books which still are in my possession.

Have you seen this movie yet and was it a yay or nay for you?


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