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It’s the last day of the month and usually you can find my (Dutch) bookhaul online. however, I only bought one book this month, so writing a bookhaul would not make much sense. I found a nice Harry Potter tag on a fellow Dutch blogger her blog (Lovely Time With Nicky) and decide to take this one over and fill it in. I will answer the questions in English. Are you curious for my picks regarding Harry Potter? Click on the link to continue reading!

Would you rather……
… spend an afternoon in the Burrow with the Weasley’s or an afternoon in Diagon Alley?
This is a tough one, but I guess I have to get ready for Hogwarts first and therefore Diagon Alley is THE place to be right?

… have Severes Snape as a father or Delores Umbridge as a mother?
Delores Umbridge is a real bitch and she will never change. Snape however cares about Harry, although he didn’t show it until moments before he died. So I guess I would pick Snape over Umbridge.

… have a pet hippogriff or a pet phoenix?
Hmmmmmm…. A phoenix I guess. First of all, where the hell should a hippogriff live? I live in an apartment and only have a balcony, so no space for such a large animal.

… spend a week in the forbidden forest or spend a day in Azkaban?
I should go for a day in Azkaban then. The Forbidden Forest is not called the Forbidden forest for its fluffy, cute and sweet animals right? Plus, if I’m allowed to take a book with me to Azkaban, a day is not that bad. Dude, I’m innocent.

… play Quitditch or wizard’s chess
Hmmm I think both are quite impossible with a visual impairment. Quidditch is a little dangerous, but wizard’s chess is boring. Chess is boring overall in my opinion.

… be a squib or not know about magic at all?
A squib would be something that might come with lots of insecurities, so I have a feeling that not knowing anything about magic at all is the best thing, definitely when my family would have been wizards.

… take a class in potions or take a class in care of magical creatures?
Again, two dangerous options. I can poison someone when that person takes a potion I created, but on the other hand the magical creatures can kill me. I think I would go for a totally different class.

… be a werwolf like Remus Lupin or be a ghost like Nearly Headless Nick
Werwolves are cool and ghosts are a little creepy, so I would go for the werwolf.

… have an invisibility cloak or have a time turner?
Definitely the invisibility cloak. I can prank everyone without them knowing it’s me 😉

… fight the basilisk or fight a dementor?
A dementor seems much easier to fight than the basilisk, though both are dangerous creatures. However, the dementors can be fought with a patronus, so that might be my choice.

I’m not tagging anyone, but if you would like to take this challenge, feel free to take this tag and put a link to your answers in the comment section 🙂

If you could take a class at Hogwarts, which class would you like to take?

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