#SixForSunday: Favourite LGBTQIA+ characters

June 14, 2020     Laurie     #SixForSunday, Tags & memes


This is by far the hardest prompt for me, but it’s Sunday again, so let’s try this one out. I know so many book characters that it’s hard to choose!

#SixForSunday is hosted by Steph over at A Little But A Lot and each week you make a list of 6 books around one specific theme and prompt. Each month there is a theme and each week there is a prompt fitting into that monthly theme.

Today’s prompt: Favourite LGBTQIA+ characters.

  • Simon spier. Quite obvious, but he’s struggling with opening up about his sexuality and yet he is such a loyal frined to his friends.
  • Alec Lightwood. He might be a jerk sometimes, but still he cares for his loved ones.
  • Morgan from Birthday by Meredith Russo. He navigates himself in his transition from man to woman and she really struggles to open up. But despite them growing apart over the years, Morgan can still count on her childhood friend Eric.
  • It’s not explicitly confirmed, but It’s super obvious he is gay. Jesper from Six of Crows.
  • Wren from Girls of Paper and Fire, she’s just so kickass.
  • Anna, Eliza and Nathaniel from Tarnished are the Stars. Two lesbian and one asexual character, for the sake of spoilers I won’t say more.

Who are your favourite LGBTQIA+ characters?

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  1. I’ve been saying that Nina from The Huntress is one of my favorite female characters of all time – it just so happens that (come to think of it) she’s bisexual. I don’t look at characters in this way – race or gender or whatever – I look at characters as they’re portrayed by the authors, and if the author makes me love them, I don’t really care about anything else.

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