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I haven’t done a tag in a while and this one has been sitting in my drafts for forever and ever. I, obviously, love The Folk Of The Air series – I admit that it took me a while -, so when Rain did this tag I knew I wanted to do it too.


  1. You must tag the original creator (Xandra @ Starry Sky Books)
  2. Spoilers galore! You should probably read The Cruel Prince first! (You don’t really need to read The Wicked King, but that would be nice.)
  3. Answer all the questions.
  4. Try to tag at least 3 other bloggers.


Jude: A character who would probably kill you in your sleep

There are more possible answers to this question, but it will either be Celaena Sardothien, Queen Levana, Lila Bard or even Nesta when she comes to her full powers and she hates you deeply.

Cardan: A character who seems like a Bad Guy™ but is ultimately more complex than you thought

This is a tough one! Maybe Tamlin? Or Warner? OK they both have done horrible things to both Feyre and Juliette, but they both have a story to tell as well.

Locke: A character (or plot twist) that made you want to throw the book

I think I should go with Aurora Rising on this one and I really can’t tell you how or what and so on, but stuff is going deep there. Especially in the last chapters. A plague, a squad on a mission…… and so on.

Taryn: A character who deceived you

Ugh I really don’t know….. *stares at screen for 5 minutes* OK next question.

Vivi: A book that was significantly different from the others in its series

Definitely Finale. Caraval won’t be played in this book and it’s much more dark and twisted than its predecessors.

Valerian: A character who just needs to die (or, you know, get stabbed)

I have to go with Rain on this and say the God King from Girls Of Paper And Fire because he’s such a jerk. Actually that’s an understatement. He’s a total violent rapist though.

Oak: A smol™ character you would protect at all costs

Not really a small side character because she got her own book, but….. Cress. The whole planet is like….. new to her and she’s a little overwhelmed.

The Cruel Prince: A book that surprised you with a twist

If there’s no tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I read the English synopsis and the Dutch book. The Dutch synopsis is really spoilery so if I read that I would have known the biggest key event already. But because I read the English one, I had no idea and was surprised.

The Wicked King: A book you thought was better (or worse) than the first in the series

Evermore. Everless was great, but Evermore was…… trash. Sorry not sorry. I want to forget about the existence of this disappointment this sequel was.

The Queen of Nothing: A book you’re excited for, but know nothing about

Haha let’s go with the obvious, The Queen Of Nothing. Oh and the new series, Crescent City, by Sarah J. Maas. I pre-ordered both on Kindle already, but I don’t know anything about them.

I tag:

Have fun!

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