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December 25, 2018     Laurie     Booktags, Tags & memes

Merry Christmas everyone! I told you guys on Thursday that the Christmas Song Book Tag would be my last Christmas tag for the year, but Sam @Fictionally Sam tagged me in something so yeah it’s Christmas. Sooooo, here is the Christmas Dinner Book Tag!

The Rules:

  • Give Credit to the creator: Sam @ Fictionally Sam
  • Answer the Questions (duh)
  • Tag your friends!

The Invested Aunt: A Character’s romantic relationship you are deeply invested in

This is the first question and I already strugle. I’m not the one to be super invested in someone’s love life, so I absolutely can’t answer this question.

The Controlling Mom: A Character that takes control of every situation

I think Rowan Whitethorne from Throne Of Glass. He seems to have everything under control.

The Drunk Uncle: A book that was just all over the place

If this is supposed to be a bad thing I should go with The Raven Boys since I literally didn’t understand one single bit of the story.

The Snoozing Grandpa: A Book you just keep falling asleep on

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I hated this book so incredibly much that I quit after listening for one hour. Wow, what a boooooooooooring book.

The Nosey Grandma: A Character who stays in everybody else’s business

I coul copy Sam’s answer, but Cook from An Ember In The Ashes stays in everyone’s business as well.

The Bored Kid: A Character that you are just over already

Unpopular opinion time, but Eliza from Eliza And Her Monsters. She makes me dislike that book SO MUCH. I know she has anxiety, but it was not the book for me. Disclaimer: this is NOT an attack on people suffering from anxiety, Eliza just didn’t work for me.

The Show-off Cousin: A Book that isn’t what it claims to be

Behind Her Eye by Sarah Pinborough. What the actually f**k was I reading?! I expected a thriller, but all I got was a boring, very overrated chicklit. No need to explain why that one went to the DNF pile.

The Awkward Date: A Character you don’t even know why is there

Uhhhh Redvenko in Crooked Kingdom. Like that whole book was a miss for me, even though Six Of Crows was a hit.

The Spoiled Sibling: A Character that gets whatever they want

Yuuuuuuup, I have to go with Sam on this. Dudley Dursley. No explanation needed.

The Mid-life Crisis Dad: A Book that switched covers in the middle of the series

If I have to pick a Dutch edition, I have to go with Throne Of Glass. They kept the original covers for the first two books but swiched with Heir Of Fire. For an English edition I have to pick An Ember In The Ashes again.

As it’s already Christmas and barely anyone will probably be blogging today, I am not tagging anybody specifically.

4 responses to “(EN) The Christmas Dinner Book Tag

  1. YAY! I am so glad you did the tag!!!! <3 I absolutely loved reading your answers! And I super concur about the cook being in everyone's business! I totally forgot about her in my answers, but totally would have put her in if I remembered!!!

  2. I completely agree with the Raven Boys, I read the whole series while being like ‘hmmm I don’t get it.’ It’s interesting about Eliza from Eliza and her Monsters as I have the book and want to get to it soon, I’ll let you know what I think!

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