Bookending Winter: Organizing Christmas Challenge

December 4, 2019     Laurie     BEWinter2019, Bookend Events, Booktags, Tags & memes

Time flies when you’re having fun, today is already my last day as your Bookending Winter host. My last prompt is probably my hardest one, even for myself.

Uh oh, Christmas is just around the corner. Life happened and therefore you totally forgot to prepare yourself for the holiday. Answer the following questions and choose which character from books/movies/TV shows would help you to fulfill this task and help you prepare for Christmas.


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  • Answer all the challenges!
  • Mention who challenged you to do this challenge.
  • Challenge at least three other bloggers.
  • Have fun!

At first, we need a Christmas tree and decorations.

Well, I think I should leave this up to Feyre, the decorations part at least. I’m sure she will paint the best ones, but she could reach out to Noah from I’ll give you the sun and Clary for help. These two like to draw as well. And regarding a tree, I guess Rhysand can get one real quick.

Oh, and we need presents too!

I think I can leave this to Celaena Sardothien. Why? She may be Adarlan’s assassin, but she has style it seems, so in my opinion she can deal with this responsibility. However, she needs to be restricted to a budget.

Then, let’s think about dinner. Who will help you plan, cook (or cook for you) and who will serve?

The cooking part is definitely done by Elain and Scarlet. Elain seems to have a hidden talent and liking for cooking and Scarlet could bring food from her farm. Like, we will have a self-sustainable Christmas dinner. Furthermore, Elain could help Feyre with decorations, because she loves gardening and has grown a lot of flowers which look good on the dinner table. And for serving we need Iko. Why? First of all because she won’t eat for obvious reasons and second because she might make some snarky or sarcastic comments about everything and we need a good laugh.

Maybe it’s nice to have some extra guests. Who will you invite to celebrate? This/these character(s) are not allowed to help you with preparations!

The entire squad from Red, White, and Royal Blue. By this I mean the squads of Alex and Henry combined. Wouldn’t that be a fun Christmas dinner?

Of course someone needs to make drama. Who is this year’s drama king or queen?

Hahahahaha totally Hermione Granger. She probably will be acting so bossy and like a mrs. know it all. Drama guaranteed. She cares, but she has a kind of strange way to show she does.

I challenge:

Kwante // Destiny // Kal // Jenn

Who may help you organize your Christmas?

5 responses to “Bookending Winter: Organizing Christmas Challenge

  1. I think I would totally leave the cooking to Mrs. Weasley for the feast, and definitely wold just have the whole squad from We Hunt the Flame as my guests lol. What a fun post!

  2. Ah I love this post and thank you for being a host <3 I totally agree with having Feyre help with decorations as well as having Noah and Clary help. Celaena definitely would need to be restricted to a budget otherwise that'd turn into an expensive mess haha.

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