Bookending Winter: Blanket, Tea, Read!

December 3, 2019     Laurie     BEWinter2019, Bookend Events, Booktags, Discussion, Tags & memes

Welcome to my second prompt as your host of Bookending Winter. Today we will be talking all about books getting you in the winter and/or Christmas mood. Because winter is the best season to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, having a teapot filled with tea ready and read some books! For this prompt, you may choose books from your TBR as well as books you have read, as long as it gives you the winter/Christmas vibe.

  1. Before I let go by Marieke Nijkamp is set in snowy Alaska during Christmas break and even a few days before Christmas. So, this is the ultimate winter vibe.
  2. One day in December by Josie Silver is a book set in December and always around Christmas. December is the start to Winter, so couldn’t miss.
  3. Christmas on the island by Jenny Colgan is just one of her Christmas themed books. In every series she wrote, there’s a Christmas book, so you should check out her entire bibliography to get all festive. This book is on my TBR though.
  4. Spinning silver by Naomi Novik is set in a world where it’s always cold and where there’s always snow. Unfortunately, this book wasn’t for me, but it still gives winter vibes.
  5. Christmas at the comfort food cafe by Debbie Johnson is another feelgood Christmas story. I still have to read this one.
  6. Caraval by Stephanie Garber has such a magical setting and therefore should be added to this list. Isn’t winter all about magic?
  7. The night circus by Erin Morgenstern couldn’t be left off this list for just the same reason. I still have to read this book and I hope I will like it.
  8. The bear and the nightingale by Katherine Arden is still on my TBR, but I heard that there is much snow involved. Maybe later on in this series, but it still has to be on this list. The series is called “The Winternight Trilogy”, so only more reasons to read this book during winter.

So far, my picks for winter books. What are yours?

5 responses to “Bookending Winter: Blanket, Tea, Read!

  1. I love your picks for this list, especially your reasoning for Caravel and Night Circus! I still have to read those as well.

    Also, I loooooved the Winternight Trilogy and it is three books filled with snow and is perfect for a winter read! Around this time of year I always love to reread my favorite Christmas stories as well

  2. I LOVED The Night Circus. Some of these I haven’t heard of, but I think I may check a few of them out! These were really good picks for this list! Christmas novels are some of my favorite to read (;

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