Review: Laura Steven – The Exact Opposite Of Okay

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The English book info would not fetch, so therefore I added the Dutch information. However, this information is also incorrect as the Dutch book has been released on April 10, 2018.

When it was announced that Laura Steven is coming to YALFestNL and that her book The Exact Opposite Of Okay would be released in Dutch, I immediately put it on my TBR. Not just because of YALFest, but because the synopsis sounded very interesting to me. A YA novel about slutshaming, I haven’t read many of these.

Review: Laura Steven – The Exact Opposite Of OkayAllesbehalve oké by Laura Steven
Pages: 333
Published by Karakter on April 30, 2018
ISBN: 1405288442
Also by this author: A Girl Called Shameless

Izzy O’Neill hier! Straatarme wees, ambitieuze cabaretier en Ongelooflijke Slet, als je de roddelsites tenminste mag geloven…

Izzy had nooit verwacht dat ze op haar achttiende het slachtoffer zou zijn van eeninternationaal online-schandaal. Maar als expliciete foto’s van haar met de zoon van een politicus online komen te staan, laten treiteraars niets van haar heel. Gewapend met een enorme bak nacho’s en haar beste vriend Ajita als steun en toeverlaat, probeert ze het van zich af te lachen. Maar als het dagelijkse slutshaming verergert, leert ze snel dat de wereld tienermeiden niet oké behandelt. Allesbehalve oké zelfs.

De scherpe humor en schokkende realiteit maken Allesbehalve oké een gedurfd, onthullend en noodzakelijk boek. Voor de lezers van Amy Schumers Het meisje met de onderrugtattoo.

Reading Experiences

First things first, what an original format to write this story in! The Exact Opposite Of Okay does not consist of the average chapter type, but it’s written like a blog with additional comments. It also reads like a blog. This made it easy to read the book, hence why I finished it in just two reading sessions. I finished most of it in one go and that has been a good while since that happened to me.

Slutshaming is something serious and according to me, Laura succeeded in writing a humorous storyline about such a serious issue. Izzy is a pretty funny person and in my opinion, her humor helps her deal with all the sh*t she is receiving. On the other hand, it’s starting to feel like a mask she’s hiding behind. However, she is growing a lot during the story, which is a positive development. Izzy is starting to reflect more and more on herself throughout the book.

Continuing on the self-reflection part, she is realizing she might have been a little naive. However, I think she was very naive. I am not intending to offend anyone by stating the following. Izzy dude, you’re EIGHTEEN and you really think that sexting won’t do any harm? Of course it does. And if you’re already eighteen, and therefore an adult, you should know that. Izzy is acting very naive and immature for her age. And honestly, that was annoying me a little. But as stated above, she is finally starting to reflect on herself when the book comes to an end. Not saying how and what happened, because those are spoilers.

Furthermore, I was already able to predict who attempted to ruin Izzy’s life. It was pretty obvious to be honest. Just this predictable thing and Izzy’s naive behavior made me rate The Exact Opposite Of Okay 4.5 stars instead of 5.



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