(EN) Unboxing: Bookish Secret Santa in Wonderland 2018

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Each year, Kwante from Kwante In Wonderland (blog is in Dutch) organizes several swaps for Dutch and Belgian (Flamish) book junkies. This is the fourth secret Santa in general and my second. After months of prerparation, shopping, decorating etc it was finally time to unbox our packages! I literally unboxed mine two hours ago, so it’s all really fresh in mind.

So, after I openend the package, I found a lot of protection and filling, which was very good in my opinion. Everything made it to my Christmas tree and that’s a bonus to be honest.

We were supposed to include a Christmas card, but I didn’t get one specifically. No, I got something much better! I found a book with “Bookish Secret Santa In Wonderland 2018” on the cover and when I opened it I found an audio message. I still have no clue who my Santa is since this message was recorded by someone else.

After this I found a DVD with 3 ebooks on it: the first two books in
the Flight And Glory series by Rebecca Yarros and the Dutch book Hart Van vuur by Miranda Peters.

On to the next presents. I found two candles, one called Icy Lemonade but I don’t know from which shop this one is. I think it smells like lemon. The other candle is a bit smaller and is from Letters & Lights. This candle is called Currently Reading and smells of rosemary and mint.

Furthermore, I found a fortune cookie (which I already devoured) and wine gums (I wonder whether those will make it to Christmas at all).

Finally, I found black spicy tea and a funny little tea bag thingy. I can’t find the English word for it, sorry.

All the presents together

Santa, I don’t know who you are yet, but thank you for this great package!


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