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Once upon a time, I was bloghopping and came across this tag on Lindsay her blog. I immediately hoarded it and today I will tell you all about my Goodreads habits.

1.  What is the last book you marked as read?

All Your perfects by Colleen Hoover. I finished it on Mrch 13 and rated it 4 stars (actually 3.5)

2. What is the last book you marked as “TBR”?

For Luca (Chicago Syndicate #2) by Soraya Naomi. I just bought the first 2 books in Dutch as they just got translated.

3.  What book do you plan to read next?

I have to read Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman, for a book club, but I don’t want to actually. The book doesn’t sound appealing to me at all.

4.  Do you use the star rating system?

Definitely! There is no other way to rate books on Goodreads right?

5.  Are you using the 2019 reading challenge?

No, I was so done with the challenges in 2018 that I decided not to set one.

6.  Do you have a wishlist?


7.  Which book do you plan on buying next?

Internment by Samira Ahmed because she’s coming to the Netherlands in April and I want to read this one in my own language.

8.  Do you have any favorite quotes? Share a few!

“To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered.”

9.  Who are your favorite authors? Share a few!

Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer.

10.      Have you joined any groups?

Once upon a time, but I am never active. I always forget about them.

That’s it. Please consider yourself tagged!

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