(EN) Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

When I was at the theatres back in July, waiting for Love, Simon to start, I saw the trailer for the new Mamma Mia movie. At that time, i was not really intending to go. However, one of my friends went and I found the soundtrack on Spotify and I ended up in theatres last Sunday.

Let’s face it, I like it. I liked the movie more than I’d expected. I have never ever seen the first Mamma Mia, so I really was not sure whether I would be able to understand the storyline. Because, I have to admit, I didn’t know the storyline at all. Ouch. Yes, it’s a classic, I know I know.

Alright, to the point. Despite the fact that I have not seen the first movie, I could follow the storyline very well. However, POV’s changed really quickly, even within scenes. Thankfully there was audio description available, otherwise this was a whole different story. Without audio description, I was definitely not able to understand one single bit since young Donna and Sophie’s POV changed within seconds. Be prepared for this when you will see this movie.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again is a real feel good movie. No drama, just sit back, relax and watch. They included many new songs in this movie, which was nice. Yes, I looked the first movie soundtrack up. The audience was really diverse. I noticed really young children and elderly women in the audience, so it was a really good mixture. I overheard one of the elderly women say that this music is timeless, and I think she is right. The movie itself is diverse as well. Like, three dads? Yay! And the music? It’s stuck in my head and on repeat.

Overall a really nice feel good movie which you totally should watch on the big screen. I’m afraid that it will fall flat when you watch it on a smaller screen for the first time. But, be quick, as the movie might disappear from theatres soon since it released on July 18.

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