(EN) Making a small announcement

Posted juni 18, 2019 by Laurie in English / 3 Comments

Today I’m making a small announcement regarding my blog. It is something I’ve been considering for a few weeks now, but I have to do this.

My English reviews are going on an indefinite hiatus. Since I have started work in March, nearly all blogging comes down to the weekends. However, I don’t feel like blogging in the weekends lately, I feel very brainfried. Definitely after work. English reviews require much more thinking and this leads to poor quality reviews. I want to guarantee you guys quality reviews and therefore I decided to only review in Dutch. Justt to get the quality back and it feels easier for me. This also means that the books I read in English will get a Dutch review. The booktags, Top Ten Tuesday and Bookending Summer posts will still be in English, but just not the book reviews. I’m not sure when I will get back to writing these in English.

Thank you for your understanding.


3 responses to “(EN) Making a small announcement

  1. Haley

    Sounds like a good decision on your part to not overextend yourself, I look forward to your Bookending Summer posts!

  2. Fair enough ! Good decision to remove some of your blogging load instead of completely tire you at the point you need a hiatus.

    While in contrary for me english reviews are easier, I did stopped writing mine in both languages… mainly for the same reason at it takes me longer to write – but I also haven’t found how I wanna do the french part of them. French “standard” don’t sound like me AT ALL but if I take my familiar french dialect.. im not sure anyone would even understand properly xD

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