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Happy blogiversary to me! Today marks the 2-year aniversary of Laurie’s Bookshelf. This time, I’m not running any giveaways, so I decided to celebrate it in a different way. Heather @ The Frozen Bookblog her blog turned 2 years old on Monday and she did this tag. I wanted to take it over since it’s my blog birthday today.

How old is your blog?

Obviously, 2 years old. However, on this domain it’s nearly 10 months old but oh well. I have made 3 domain switches already, from free WordPress to Blogger to self-hosted.

What are your favorite posts to write?

I mainly write reviews, but I like to write book tags as well. Bookhauls are easy in writing, but not in linking haha. I always make links in images, so it’s a bit of work and fitting.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their own book blog?

Always, always start on a free domain to find out whether blogging is your cup of tea and preferably start on WordPress. I know that I took this tag from a Blogspot blogger, but I always find it hard to follow blogs there and don’t even get me started on commenting. You can’t follow a blog on Blogger (which Blogspot runs on) without getting a very full inbox and that’s sooooooo annoying. I noticed that my traffic increased since I’m self-hosted and back on WordPress. My comment ratio on Blogspot was like zero, same for views. The comment system is SO much easier on WordPress. Whenever you decide to go with Blogger, please please please create a Bloglovin’ account and link your blog on there, because it’s easier for fellow bloggers and other people to follow you without getting overflooded by emails.

Furthermore, don’t stick to things you don’t like anymore or which do not work for you. For example, I don’t stick to a blogging schedule because it’s not working for me yet. I also opted out of the WWW-Wednesday meme because it felt really repetetive to me back then. Same for monthly wrap-ups, I will switch to 2 or 3 month wrap-ups even, definitely since I will be starting a new job in March and will be working 32 hours a week. You can’t do anything wrong, but just don’t put the pressure on yourself. Are you feeling like going on (semi) hiatus? Just do it. Do you want to stick to a schedule? That’s fine as well. It’s your little corner on the internet and you have to do whatever YOU want and what works best for YOU.

Since starting have you run into any unforeseen challenges?

Yes, bookstagram. I have a feeling that people with great Instagram (or even blog) photos are getting more chances to receive a review copy, especially when you live in a small country with a smaller publishing market. However, I can’t really take pictures, so bookstagram is not for me. It seems like Instagram is becoming more and more important these days and not everyone is able to keep up or take part. Especially people with a vision impairment, like yours truly overhere.

In terms of technical challenges, I struggled a lot with finding the right theme and my featured images didn’t show up on social media at first. Before going self-hosted, I was having trouble with inserting links etc on free WordPress, but that was more of an accessibility problem. Now all is solved, obviously.

What is a favorite book/series you’ve read because of blogging/BookTube?

Not really because of blogging because it was already on my list, but A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Book blogger talk about this series probably made me pick it up quicker. When talking about book Twitter, obviously The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Overall, what is your favorite aspect about blogging?

I think the interaction with fellow bookbloggers and the possitibility to find out about new books. However, I assume my TBR is not super keen on that 😉

Want to spread the book blogger love? (Yes? GREAT!) Give at least one newbie a shout out!

Sure! Check out La Femme Livresque, her blog is just 2 weeks old 🙂

Who do you tag?

Anyone that wants to do this tag and is not a blogging newbie anymore 🙂


11 responses to “(EN) Happy 2nd blogiversary to me | The NOT A Book Blogger Newbie Tag

  1. Congratulations on completing 2 years, Laurie! ? Love the advice for newbie bloggers and thank you for the shout-out! ☺️
    I’m beginning to feel the same about the WWW Wednesday post because I don’t read too many books every month to do a weekly update. ? And I’m not being strict with myself over sticking to a schedule because I need to put out content that I feel good about. And that takes time and effort, sometimes more than usual.
    Looking forward to more reviews and fun tags! ?

    • Laurie

      For me it became also hard because I wrote them in English and I had to squeeze in some Dutch books. I actually forgot about writing them, so I decided to opt out.

    • Laurie

      I feel SO rude when just skipping Blogspot blogs just because of all the hastle. But they probably have some kickass content but just can’t be bothered dealing with commenting 99% of the time ugh

  2. Two years! Thanks for sharing some insight on your book blogging journey, it’s been great reading your posts and I completely feel you on the bookstagram, it seems a bit of a hassle and an annoyance and I really don’t have the mindset to find all the pretty props people use lol

  3. Happy Blogoversary!! ❤️❤️
    That’s some good tips, specially the bloglovin’ one … im glad I did started on wordpress as darn.. blogger & wix’s website are kind of a pain to comment and follow ??‍♀️ i specially DONT follow through emails because I get bothered easily.. so bloglovin’ is so good for me! Otherwise… i just went with following the twitter and hopefully i’d see their posts from there :/

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