(EN) Bookending Spring: Pairing reading/blogging with working

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It’s time for another Bookending Spring promt and this time it’s about pairing reading/blogging with working. Charvi created this prompt and it originally is pairing reading with studying, but I’m graduated since 2017 and I was in a huge reading slump while studying. So, let’s talk about pairing reading and blogging with working. I will give you some tips to combine these two, but I have to admit that I’m still searching for a routine that works for me.

1. Manage your time

This sounds easier than it actually is. Sometimes we just want to scroll through our social media feeds right? Oh well, it’s possible, but manage your time. I know I have to hurry when my alarm starts ringing at 5:45AM, because I have to leave the house around 6:20AM. And yes I really have to eat breakfast before I leave. So, no scrolling and bloghopping for me in the morning, unless it’s my day off.

2. Limit your time scrolling through social media/bloghopping

I know I know, we all want to support other bloggers, we truly want. But when we want to get some reading done before and after work, we have to limit our time. I always bloghop on the train to work. However, I don’t read full blogposts, I just read the titles and save them for later. On Bloglovin’ you actually can, in the WordPress reader you unfortunately can’t. First I “liked” posts as form of saving them to read later, but it’s super rude to “unlike” these posts after reading them. As a result, my feed with liked posts was overflooding. I still have to find a way for this, but I’m short on time and therefore miss out on so many posts. Sorry. I also limit my time on social media, because I have to do all that on the train. I quickly check Facebook, Twitter and most important my email and log off to read. Therefore I am barely active on Discord and this is a vicious circle haha.

3. Read on the way to work

For me, my train ride to work takes an hour. Enough time to get a lot of reading done. I don’t listen to music, just read. Of course, I want to listen to music sometimes, but I just do that the final 10 minutes or so of my journey.

4. Don’t watch Netflix/TV

Besides the news (and not even always that), I don’t watch TV or Netflix. There’s nothing interesting and the time you “waste” you could use to do some reading and blogging/bloghopping. However, I still suffer from my winter fatigue, so I can do much less than I want to. I hope this improves throughout Spring. Still, I really have to log off at 9:30PM to get 8 hours sleep, but I never make it. Oh well, will get used to that I’m sure. Less sleep I mean. Anyway, I often fall asleep whilst reading now.

5. DNF books you don’t like

Yes, something we don’t want to do as avid readers and book bloggers, but we just have 24 hours in a day and we have to work 8.5 of them and we have to do other stuff as well, so it’s necessary to quit reading books you don’t like. This way, you have more time to read what you love. Choose wisely what you read is really necessary with a busy lifestyle.

6. Write blogs during weekends/days off

I always try to write my blogs in advance during weekends or days off. This way, I don’t have to type up reviews after work, when I’m most likely tired. Whenever I finish a book during the week, of course I type up a review. However, I try to avoid having to type up all my blogposts during the week at all costs.

This is how I try and combine reading/blogging with working 32 hours a week. What is your pro tip?


4 responses to “(EN) Bookending Spring: Pairing reading/blogging with working

  1. Reading on the train is one I also do. Also, if an idea for a blogpost enters my mind, I put it on a list in my smartphone. Usually, my mind already works out the post when I am doing different things, so all I have to do is sit down and type it 😉 I also have a document, where I keep track of all the blogposts I have planned. That makes it easyer to plan ahead, and make sure that I don’t have to much of the same content going on.

  2. I like how you’ve put a twist on the prompt. I agree with most of your tips, especially DNFing books because that saves so much of my time! Great post ☺️

  3. Ohh you might have given me an idea here for this prompt…

    SAME! we both have the same schedule in the morning xD for now- idk if i’d keep morning shifts for the next two weeks (I heard I should have a mix of both with a few 1-9s..) — I personally try to read atleast a few pages on my 30mins breaks, though it end up with only 10mins of reading with the chatting & reply to comments xD
    Hah. for some reason I thought WordPress had added the bookmark already ?? but turns up it isn’t showing anymore, well okay. my bad..
    Kristina onlangs geplaatst…Trying to Control the Social Media ChaosMy Profile

  4. I can relate to almost all of these. It’s really difficult to find time for everything for me too because of work + MBA + Blogging + reading + supporting fellow bloggers. I try to do it as much as I can. I’ve almost entirely stopped watching Netflix! And I’ve started listening to audiobooks which help me because I can adjust the narration speed so my reading in general becomes faster. I’m hoping that once my MBA is over I will get the much needed breathing space. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

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