(EN) Bookending Autumn: Fall Festival Book Photo Tag

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It’s October and that means Bookending Autumn is up and running! Today I’m, doing a prompt created by Danielle @ Poetry Books YA. However, I am giving my own spin to this prompt as this originally is a photo tag. So head over to Danielle’s blog for the right version of this tag. I will just answer the prompts as I can’t see colours and therefore can’t do the photos/covers.

Chilly – Book with a white cover (sad plot line/setting)

I have to go with The Last Letter by Rebecca Yarros here. The entire plot is just so sad and Ella gets SO much on her plate.

Sweet – Book with an orange cover (favorite contemporary novel)

I’m not much of a sweet & fluffy reader, but I will go with Aristoteles & Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Spicy – Book with a red cover (action/fast-paced setting)

Oh I literally have so many books to choose from for this one! But I will go for Kingdom Of Ash by Sarah J. Maas here. There is a lot of war in this book, so you have to be aware of this. It’s a nearly 1000 pages big book but it’s really good and therefore doesn’t feel this big.

Dark – Book with a black or dark cover (dark, twisted theme)

Well, I will have to go with Too Late by Colleen Hoover then. Trigger warnings: sexual assault, physical and mental abuse, drug abuse and drug dealing. As you can see by the amount of trigger warnings, this story is really dark and twisted. However, there is a glimpse of hope somewhere in this story and for the sake of spoilers I won’t say where.

Green – Book with a green cover that makes you feel jealous

I have to skip this question because I can’t do the colour thing.

This was the fall festival photo tag without photos. You can take this one over, but please do this one the way it’s meant to be, with the photos.


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  1. Great picks for this tag, Laurie! (I didn’t know you can’t see colors! Your picks are fab, regardless!) I keep meaning to read Aristotle and Dante–everyone raves about this book. Also, you put a Colleen Hoover book on your list and she can be such a difficult author to read sometimes because her books just kick you right in the heart I feel but in the end they are just so good! I just go back to her and read another book, I love them!

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