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I was tagged by Nicky @Lovely Time With Nicky to this this little book tag which she created herself. Click on the link to view the original post (English questions, Dutch answers). So, here are my answers!

With which family would you like to have a Christmas diner?

I think I have to go with The Wheasley’s as well, because they seem very funny.

In wich fictional place would you like to spend Christmas?

How great would the night court be? Like there are SO many twinkling stars and starlight and there is snow. How much more of a Christmas setting would you prefer?

Do you have a favourite holiday read?

Actually not, since I am not much of a holiday reader. I read whatever I want to read and I’m not much of a fan of Christmas reads.

Which fictional character would be the perfect Christmas elf?

This one is tough since I mainly read fantasy. Maybe Aelin? Like she’s full of surprises.

A book that has a cover with a Christmasy feel to it.

Before I Let Go by Maarieke Nijkamp and A Day In December by Josie Silver both contain snow, so yeah. One of those.

Which character would replace Santa best if needed?

Seriously, I have NO idea. I will copy Nicky her answer and go with Dulbledore. A white bearded wizard.

This was the A Merry Little Book Tag. If you want to do this tag, go ahead! I won’t tag anyone.


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