Review: Francesca Zappia – Eliza And Her Monsters

Approximately a year ago, I heard about Eliza And Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia for the first time. The book sounded quite interesting, but not that interesting that I had a great desire to read it immediately. In fact, the book has gotten a Dutch translation since mid June now and I finally managed to pick it up. In English, since I borrowed it from the library and that was a really good decision. Unfortunately, my first thought turned out to be right. Lees verder


Review: Colleen Hoover – It Ends With Us

In January 2017, I got introduced to the New Adult genre and to Colleen Hoover by reading her book Ugly Love. That book was so disappointing that it even made me reluctant to pick up another book by Colleen Hoover or let alone in the new adult genre. Way too much sex. I decided to give this one a try since it was on Storytel, so no money wasted if it was not my thing again. Lees verder