WWW-Wednesday #16 | 25 July 2018

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It’s another Wednesday, a boiling hot one. In fact, this entire week has been hot, but I didn’t really managed to be super productive regarding reading. Moreover, I DNF’ed 2 books. Yup, it was that kind of week.

Last week

Yes, I only enjoyed Cress since that was a reread. The Other two got a one way ticket to the DNF pile.

Currently reading

I really enjoy A Darker shade Of Magic, but Letters To The Lost is boring me so far. I expected more. It’s for a bookclub, so I’m really torn between struggling on or DNF’ing it all together. Maybe I will just scan read it and give it a low rating. Really not sure.

I’m also continuing my The Lunar Chronicles rereadathon by starting Winter. Yay!


Since I will have summer break from work – yes already – I have more time to read, so maybe I can squeeze another book in. However, I’m not sure which one, therefore I just stick to these.

Which book(s) will you read next?


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