WWW-Wednesday #9 | 6 June 2018

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WWW-Wednesday is a weekly meme in which I answer three fixed questions. However, I don’t write them down as questions. The questions are: What have you last read? What are you currently reading? What will you think you read next? This week was a really slow reading week. Why? I will tell you.

Last week
Last week I only read the books I was reading in last week’s post. One of them was The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and that was not really a struggle, but not really enjoyable either. I didn’t feel like picking it up and continue reading. It even ended up with a 2 star rating and I’m not wasting my time on writing a review of this.

Furthermore, I read Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young. This read was more enjoyable, but didn’t feel like picking it up either. However, this book got a review and a 3.5 star rating, so it did a much better job than The Fixer.

Currently reading
Last week I included a poll in my blog and The Deviant by Lesley Livingston won. However, I didn’t realize that this book has a historical setting as well, just as Sky In The Deep. Therefore, I decided to move it back and read it after finishing It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Because that is the book I started first, to change settings for a bit.

The second book I’m reading is The Owl Hunts At Night by Samuel Bjork. This is the sequel to The Doll House and is a really fast read. One day in and I’m nearly at 20%.

The Deviant by Lesley Livingston will be up next, definitely. The same goes for My Heart And Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. I needed to change genres for a bit, since I’m reading New Adult and a thriller now. Moreover, sometimes it is good to take a break from a certain genre right?

What book are you currently reading?


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