The never-ending problem of the enormous TBR

Today’s discussed problem might be familiar to my fellow book bloggers, but probably to many avid readers. Bloggers or not. You know that quote “so many books, so little time” right? Yes, I guess you do. I know this one too and it is kind of frustrating to be quite honest. How do I handle my TBR? Well, not really. Nevertheless I’m trying, trying so hard to let this one shrink. Here are my ways I try to handle this problem.

I have to admit that my Goodreads, owned and Hebban TBR’s are not equal. Many English books which are on my TBR are not featured on Hebban (yet). Hebban is the Dutch Goodreads, or at least you can compare it to Goodreads. I prefer Goodreads since there are more books available on there and there is much more (inter)activity on there. On Hebban, you can’t comment on other people’s reviews. Furthermore, you cannot update your status on there. Plus, I have much less followers on Hebban than on Goodreads. Therefore, I am much more active on Goodreads.

Back to the point, my TBR. I have many books on my iPad which I have not added to my Goodreads (yet). Why? You want honesty right? Often, I am too lazy to go look for a book. My TBR is more than 100 books big (maybe even bigger when you count the ones not added to my Goodreads TBR yet) and I am kind of stressing now since I seem to neglect the older books and choose the newer ones more easily. But, there are new books added to my TBR as well.

And here comes my biggest problem regarding books. Due to my visual impairment I am dependent on ebooks and audiobooks. I tended to buy a shitload of ebooks at once years ago. And yes, most of these immense bookhauls are still unread. Here comes the neglecting part again. Moreover, my taste has changed and therefore I have a feeling that I will never read Lara Jean (although I completed the series by buying the last book last year oops) or DIMILY, to mention a few examples. However, I have many books with the intention of reading them eventually. Unfortunately it’s strictly forbidden and illegal to sell ebooks, so here comes the guilt and it stays. I can’t go down the TBR hole, because I can’t get rid of the actual book. Argh! The frustrations.

New releases
I am absolutely not ready for review copies yet, but I am not blind to new releases. Many new releases seem so appealing to me that I buy them. Say hi to more books on my TBR. However, I have learnt to be more critical in which books to buy and which to borrow at the library or to listen to on Storytel. Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo get an instant buy for example, but other books will end up in my cart unless there is another way to read them. Therefore I feel less guilty when ending up not reading these books. Don’t worry guys, I will still buy books. I think Julie Kagawa will get on the instant buy list as well as V. E. Schwab. Yes, I finally bought A Darker Shade Of Magic last week!

However, the library takes ages. Definitely the Dutch library for the visually impaired. Making a book available takes them a year average and then the hype is already over. The American one also includes ePubs, yay! They accept international members, double yay! They have the newer books much faster because of the available ePubs and therefore I combine Dutch and English reading. But still, most books I buy, but I think more critically about it than before. However, some books take too long for me at the library, so I buy them. And yes, sometimes I end up not liking them or even DNF’ing them, but that will be discussed further on in a later paragraph.

Increasing reading speed
I try my hardest to tackle my TBR. Therefore, I started to read two books at the same time last year and I have started increasing the reading speed on both audiobooks and speech output on my iPad. Because let’s face it, the 1.0 speed is way too slow. Not just to tackle my TBR, but also to enjoy the book. It is so slow that I might fall asleep. I mainly have my speed up somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 and that is really awesome.

Weekly TBR’s
I have started the weekly TBR’s a few months ago and to be honest, they work. Really. I critically look into my TBR and put older ones on the list as well. Without these weekly memes, I tend to skip and neglect the older, forgotten books. Still, my TBR keeps chronically growing, but that is a typical bookworm problem I suppose.

DNF a book
Nobody wants to do this, I am sure. But since I started blogging, I have a more critical look in whether I like what I am reading or not. I have never ever DNF’ed as many books as in the past 1.5 years. Before I was a bookblogger, I almost never DNF’ed a book. But as my TBR is really big, I have no choice. I could struggle on and on with a book which I am not enjoying, but there are so many more books waiting for me. Don’t get me wrong, I try as hard as I can, but if a book really doesn’t get me, it’s a one way ticket to the DNF pile. Yes, this happened to me a lot lately.

I just discussed how I try my hardest to handle my TBR. How do you handle yours?


  1. My TBR pile is huge and keeps getting bigger. I suppose it’s a bittersweet thing – the knowledge that I’ll never not have enough books, but at the same time there’s the realisation that I’ll not be able to read everything. I think I need to be easier on myself and just ditch the books that aren’t working for me. That way, I’ll have a better chance of finding ones that do. I’m okay with a big TBR pile though. In our world, I guess it’s like checking your account and finding out that you’re not only a billionaire, you’re also getting richer.

  2. Mijn TBR is echt gigantisch, haha. Ik ben maar gestopt met boeken toevoegen op GR en heb alles wat ik niet fysiek bezit van mijn TBR afgehaald.
    Ik DNF niet snel een boek. Het liefst lees ik ze allemaal uit. Ik heb tot nu toe 1 boekel op mijn DNF staan. Wonderland.

  3. My TBR will never stop growing. Ever. I’m like the bookworm version of the Girl in Confessions of a Shopaholic, new books are like shiny new things that I want and then regret (not really) later. ?

    Myrth |

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