(EN) Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Couples In Books

Top Ten Tuesday is created by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl and it’s purpose is that you make a top 10 list on Tuesday out of the topics she provides. However, you don’t have to stick exactly to 10, you may also put more or less books/things on the lists. Moreover, you are allowed to give an “unique” spin to the topic whenever that works better for you. Well, let’s move on to this week’s list!

This week’s theme is: Favorite Couples In Books. This could be seen as spoilery, so this is why I won’t include the books and links and leave it just to the couples with some comments.

  • Feyre and Rhysand. They fit each other perfectly and will support each other till dead and beyond.
  • Aelin and Rowan. They will do literally everything for each other.
  • Scarlet and Wolf. Aren’t they just…… alfa?
  • Evelyn and Celia. This is real love, they keep finding each other and love each other no matter what and through thick and thin. Even after all those years.
  • Daemon and Katy. Yes, the enemies to lovers trope to the max but it doesn’t even matter.
  • Cress and Thorne. Dude, they are so cool and Thorne finally gets responsible?
  • Bella and Edward. Didn’t we all ship them like crazy when we were in high school and Twilight was a thing?
  • Matteo and Rufus. Oh wait, they will die, but whyyyyyyyy. They just have gotten SO cute!
  • Garrett and Hannah. No, they haven’t always had it easy, but they faced their struggles and came out stronger together.
  • Vivi and Heather. I only read The Cruel Prince yet, but it seems like Heather is having no trouble with Vivi’s background at all. I hope we will get to know them in The Wicked King!

What is your favorite bookish couple?


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