(EN) Top Ten Tuesday: Books You’d Mash Together

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Top Ten Tuesday is created by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl and it’s purpose is that you make a top 10 list on Tuesday out of the topics she provides. However, you don’t have to stick exactly to 10, you may also put more or less books/things on the lists. Moreover, you are allowed to give an “unique” spin to the topic whenever that works better for you. Well, let’s move on to this week’s list!

Today’s original prompt is: Rainy Day Reads. I read whatever I want, whenever I want. Therefore, I took on this older prompt: Books You’d Mash Together. I can’t name 10 books, but let’s see how far I’ll come.

The Hate U Give + Dear Martin

Angie ThomasThe Hate U Give and Nic Stone‘s Dear Martin follow the same pattern in mainly everything, so these books could work really well as a mashup. I personally didn’t like Dear Martin, because I found The Hate U Give much stronger in its subgenre.

Everless + Evermore

Let’s face it, Evermore as a book totally missed its point. It might have worked better if Everless would have been a little bigger since the main parts of Evermore just involved a few chapters.

Everything Everything + Midnight Sun

Nicola Yoon‘s Everything Everything and Trish Cook‘s Midnight Sun have a lot in common. Both deal with extreme allergies and both are shallow stories you could finish within less than a day. I absolutely didn’t like Everything Everything, but Midnight Sun was alright. However, these books worked better together.

The Cruel Prince + The Lost Sisters

It took me a while, but I’m a fan of Faerie and its inhabitants. However, I found The Lost Sisters really pointless as a seperate novella, it could have been put at the end of The Cruel Prince.

Restore Me/Defy Me + Shadow Me

As much as I liked Shadow Me, it could have been mashed together with Defy Me. Fact: the very first sentences of Defy Me are the last sentences of Shadow Me. In the Dutch publication, the novella will be mashed together with either Defy Me or a new release of Restore Me, I’m not sure. It makes sense since we basically get the final chapters of Restore Me from Kenji’s point of view in Shadow Me.

These are the books I should mash together. Do you have books which you think could be mashed together?


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