(EN) Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my TBR I’m avoiding and why

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Top Ten Tuesday is created by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl and it’s purpose is that you make a top 10 list on Tuesday out of the topics she provides. However, you don’t have to stick exactly to 10, you may also put more or less books/things on the lists. Moreover, you are allowed to give an “unique” spin to the topic whenever that works better for you. Well, let’s move on to this week’s list!

It has been a while, but today I’m finally doing a TTT again! I have a huge TBR and some books on there I’m avoiding. Well, actually more than I will be posting here, but I’m very guilty at this point.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

I got this book a few years ago and it sounded interesting back then. however, It’s still sitting on my TBR and….. I’m not that interested anymore? I wanted to know what all that hype was about though.

All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr

Hahahahahaha this book is laughing at me because this one has been on my TBR for more than 3 years. And yes, it’s still unread. It’s a big book and I’ve heard stories that it’s dragging along the way which makes me avoid it because of the length. This is a vicious circle that desperately needs a breakthrough. Should I read it or let it go?

The horse dancer by Jojo Moyes

Actually this is the sme sory as with the previous one. It’s huge and I don’t now? Another vicious circle which needs a breakthrough after 3 years.

Anna dressed in blood by Kendare Blake

I accidentally found this book in the beginning of the year and I haven’t picked it up. Mainly because One Dark Throne found its Dutch release and I got a review copy, but also because I never hear anyone about this series. I would like to read it in Dutch and I guess not all books are translated and they definitely never will be if they aren’t now. Maybe I’ll read it in October?

The strange fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold

Well, I really like David’s other books, so I immediately got myself a Kindle copy once this one got published. But guess what? I haven’t read it. I’m a bit scared because this is something totally different from his other work. Noah is under hypnosis the entire time and….. I don’t know.

The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

I got this when the hype was surreal. However, I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction books, so it’s still unread. Is the hype worth it? I don’t know. This book even has a sequel, what?

Hart van vuur by Miranda Peters

This is a Dutch book and even though I liked the first one in this trilogy, the sequel is still unread.

Till death by Jennifer Armentrout

I have literally no excuses as for why this is still on my TBR, being unread.

Running with lions by Julian Winters

This book received quite some hype last year, but the hype died as quickly as it came. So, I haven’t read it and I actually forgot about its existence.

Radio silence by Alice Oseman

I really loved I was born for this by this author, but this book is still unread. I honestly don’t know why.

Which books on your TBR are you avoiding and why?


3 responses to “(EN) Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my TBR I’m avoiding and why

  1. Jennifer Pletcher

    Okay – All The Light You Cannot See – is a definite read! Really great book. Same with The Tattooist. I wasn’t sure about that one, but once I read it, I was so glad I did. It lives up to the hype!

    I did this post too on my blog – and I know what you mean – I have books on my list that have been there for YEARS.

  2. danielle

    I’ve never heard of these stories but I too have a habit of avoiding what I read too. idk why though…((I do, I made a post about it lol))

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