(EN) The reading challenge 2019, yay or nay?

It’s that time of the year again where everyone stresses over their current Goodreads reading challenge and the fact that they didn’t make it. Moreover, everyone is thinking about which goal to set for 2019. How many books would you like to read? Well, I have no idea.

Reading challenge 2017

2017 Was the first year I heard about the Goodreads reading challenge and that I actually set one. I didn’t plan to, didn’t intend to. It just happened. I set my goal at 35 books, because I had no idea what I was doing. At that time I was in the process of graduating from uni and therefore I had no idea how much time I had left for reading. However, I hit that 35 books mark in the middle of the summer, halfway through the year. I still was unfamiliar with editing a reading challenge and therefore did not set my goal higher. I ended up reading 71 books in the end.

Reading challenge 2018

This year, I knew what to expect. I set my goal at 50 books, but I had to edit it already in February because I had plenty of time to read and already read a lot as a result. My new goal was 75 books. Think again Laurie, that was still too low. I edited my challenge again towards 100 books. Well, I managed in either August or September or maybe even October, I’m not sure. Since I’m a quite fast reader, I read about 160 books in the end. Well, I didn’t want to edit my challenge again and I noticed that I actually did not care about the number of books I read. Because, reading is not a competition. Mid December, a question started to rise.

Reading challenge 2019

The question is: should I bother myself with another reading challenge in 2019? First, I have no idea at how many books I have to set my goal. Second, 2019 will be a lot different from 2018. I’m about to start a somewhat full-time traineeship in March – I won’t leave my blog, don’t worry – so I don’t know how much time I have left for reading. Fortunately I still have train rides to and from work, so these will help a lot. Third, why should you set yourself a challenge? In fact, I even forget that I have one running and barely check my progress. It actually saves your stress, even though I have to admit that I don’t suffer from that really. I recommend you guys to enjoy reading and stop caring about the amount of books you read. However, I know myself and maybe I will end up setting myself a challenge on January 1. But for now, I highly doubt it.

Will you set yourself a reading challenge for 2019 and how many books will be your goal?

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  1. This year i set the bar really high for myself, so it’d be a real challenge. Next year I want to focus on other this than reading such a college and my mental health so I set the goal at 25 books. I know I’ll easily read these, but I don’t want to pressure myself. I like the idea of achieving something, for example this challenge
    Maud onlangs geplaatst…Friday five: Best books I’ve read in 2018My Profile

    1. That’s probably the reason why you should not set yourself a challenge, so you can enjoy the books instead of working towards a goal. Especially when you want to focus on both college and your mental health. Reading should be something to go back to to relax, not to be challenging.

    1. Yes, I want to try different genres as well, but I know I will have some review copies to read in the first half of the upcoming year. Furthermore, I know I will read eventually, so the challenge is not making much sense.