(EN) Introducing: The TBR Randomizer!

Posted februari 4, 2019 by Laurie in Boekenpraat, Booktags, Booktalk, English, The TBR Randomizer / 7 Comments

We all know the problem of the endless TBR. You always put newer books before the older ones, which leads to the older books being pushed back further and further. There already are several memes to tackle your TBR, but I just thought of a new one where you HAVE to read that specific book on your TBR. It’s called The TBR Randomizer and this is how it works.


  • Open your “want to read” shelf on Goodreads. All books have a number, at least on the website.
  • Open an online randomizer.
  • Put the numbers 1 till the last on your to read shelf in the randomizer.
  • Make the randomizer choose a number.
  • Read that book that belongs to that number on your Goodreads TBR, there are NO excuses. Or…. almost none.
  • The exceptions are review copies with a deadline. However, I always read two books at the same time, so it works for me.
  • Did you get a book within a series you haven’t started yet? No problem, start with the first book in that series.
  • Hasn’t the book been rleased yet? Randomize again until you find a book which has been released yet.
  • Have fun tackling your TBR and finding some hidden gems!

I will start this meme myself whenever I finish my current read and I will do this alongside a review copy.

Have fun!


7 responses to “(EN) Introducing: The TBR Randomizer!

  1. Great job doing a new meme! I’m so horrible following lists lol but I’ll definitely let others know about this meme! Good luck with your tbr list! If I can bring myself to stop picking random books from the library for a little while I’d gladly join!

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