(EN) Bookending Spring: Pre-scheduling vs. mood blogging

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It’s April already (!!!!!!!) and that means that it’s time for Bookending Spring 2019! This is a Bookend Event (click here for the announcement and explanation) and these events have seasonal themes. Now It’s time for the spring edition and today’s prompt is hosted by Jayati. She is taking us on the journey of pre-scheduling vs. moodblogging.


When I decided to start my book blog, I always told myself “I’m blogging whenever I want to and I’m not ever pre-schedule.” Well guys, that doesn’t work. Of course I scheduled last minute blog posts, a lot even, but that time is over now.

A pro of pre-scheduling is that you always know whenever a blog post is going to be up and definitely needs to be done and dusted. However, pros always have their cons and for pre-scheduling there is a huge con. You pre-scheduled everything and what will you do whenever an unexpected opportunity is coming your way? You have pre-scheduled months ahead and have literally NO space left in your schedule. Crap……. What should you do with that opportunity then? Mostly it turns out you have to cancel this one and feel sad about it.

Another con of pre-scheduling is the constant pressure of needing to finish that book to write that review and to actually write it. Yes, even after a long day of classes or work and yes, even if you are not up to it. You need to write even in weekends then, although you have made plans to go out or whatsoever. So, pressure it is.


When I started blogging, you could have called me a moodblogger. Not entirely, but I didn’t schedule weeks ahead back then. Possibly 24 or 48 hours. Also moodblogging has its advantages and disadvantages.

An advantage of moodblogging is that you can put a post out there which has popped into your mind whilst doing other things. You write it, check whether you have nothing scheduled and hit the publish button. The disadvantage however is that you have no scheduled posts so readers don’t know what to expect from you and above all, when to expect new content. They have to keep an eye on your blog every single day. That might lead to less traffic than whenever you schedule posts. Most people like structure which you provide them by pre-schedeuling your posts and have fixed days on when to post. Okay okay, I admit that I don’t stick to such a schedule myself, but I pre-schedule a lot.

What works best

For me, a mixture of pre-scheduling and moodblogging works best. In fact, I’ve written this post already 2 weeks in advance. Pre-scheduled much huh? I started my job in the beginning of March and working 32 hours a week requires a different routine than I used to have. I mainly pre-schedule all my memes such as Top Ten Tuesday and The Friday Five, but I will still be a moodblogger when it comes to tags or reviews (mostly). However, I try to have my blog ready for the new week on Sunday night, but that doesn’t always work. So, I still need to write some blog posts when I am home from work, but I try to keep those to a minimum. With the time I save then, I can read and get new reviews ready for you guys.

However I can already schedule some reviews. These are the ones I crosspost from a Dutch book community I write for. You can compare it to Goodreads, but there are genre clubs on there and I’m part of the YA Club. So for example: we did a group article on The Gilded Wolves back in March. It went online on the 20th, so I know that I can post my review on my blog a few days after (I did on Mar 23). I have to write a review already for that article, so it’s just a matter of translation to English – when it’s an English book – or adjusting – when it’s a Dutch book. We use different formats there, so I have to make some adjustments to let the review fit in to my blog. So, pre-scheduling it is! The rest of my reviews are pre-scheduled moodblogs.

I think it’s a case of trial and error. You have to find a blogging system that works best for you. If it isn’t pre-scheduling, then it might be moodblogging and vise versa. A mixture of both systems could be working out for you too of course. Just try and play with both systems and find out what works best for you. That’s the best advice I could give you on this topic.

Are you a pre-scheduler, moodbloger or a bit of both?


7 responses to “(EN) Bookending Spring: Pre-scheduling vs. mood blogging

  1. I mean, I’m pretty much solidly in the pre-scheduler group. Sometimes it’s only a few minutes before the post is due to go up, sometimes I miss and the post goes up later on in the day than I’d wanted. Mood blogging doesn’t hugely affect me though, mostly thanks to me pre-writing a ton at once.

    I will say though that I try and leave gaps in my calendar for any posts I may want to just shove in, I always plan things out loosely first. Then I know I can move things around if need be, it’s not set in stone until the post is written and scheduled.

    Can’t wait to see your other posts you’ve got lined up for this event Laurie! (ps you forgot to link in the announcement post at the beginning and Jayati’s post, idk if you were planning on doing this later on tho. But in case you did forget, here’s a reminder lovely <3)

    • Laurie

      Oh wait, I still forgot the first Linc then. And yes I had/always have to do it later because WordPress kept crashing at my work laptop 🙁

  2. I think I’m more of a pre-scheduling kind of person. I try to post every other day and always have like 3 or 4 articles ready to go up. Only when I’m having exams it sometimes becomes too difficult and then I stop for a moment. But after that, I’m back at my schedule 😉

  3. Jayati

    WOO! 2 weeks in advance is amazing.
    I have to admit that I am quite the mood blogger and that I use Pre-scheduling to overcome its cons. When I am in a good mood, I prewrite as much as I can to provide for my blogging slumps.
    Thanks for taking part in my prompt!

  4. Danielle

    I just talked about this in my latest Bookending Spring post too! I’m such a mood-everything lol. Reading, blogging, everything I have to feel it to see if I will actually do it.

  5. I preschedule in as far as a weekly/monthly general structure. So for example, I typically do Tag Tuesday or WWW Wednesday, a review on Thursday, First Line Fridays, another review over the weekend, and then a wrap up at the end of the month and a TBR/goal post at the beginning of the month. Then I throw in other bookish things I find time and inspiration for throughout the month. That’s kind of my basic structure and if I post more or less than that, I still feel like I have plenty.
    Lindsay onlangs geplaatst…Anticipated April Books!My Profile

  6. Yep, absolutely same as you !
    I don’t go over a week or two of scheduling ? It basically depend on my mood, for one, and if inspiration is on my side xD Some months i’m a pro and have 5/8 posts schedules and remotely keep them around the same number; Others… not so much. Atleast 1-2 so I don’t fall behind, as being an anxious person, I FLIP OUT if I have nothing planning and the posting day is around the corner x) I refuse to skip a post.

    I however don’t have a problem with switching stuff – they may be planned and written, but I can always switch something on that space if REALLY important, and throw what was there later in the month.. don’t happend very often, but i’ve done it before.
    Kristina onlangs geplaatst…Pre-Scheduling & organizing VS Mood bloggingMy Profile

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