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It’s that time of year again where we start looking forward to the books we can expect to read in the second half of the year. My blog post with Dutch titles can be found here. I already started drafting this article in the beginning of July, but I had difficulties with retrieving information regarding new releases. However, I will still show you my highly anticipated reads of this month as well.


Released on 10 July

This book is already in my possession to be honest, retrieved it from the library for the blind. I hope to be reading this one soon, since I have read glowing reviews.

Released on 17 July

I’m still a bit nervous when it comes to Colleen Hoover books, since I had one bad and one good experience reading them. However, I’ve read some reviews and this one sounded really great. Therefore, I bought it already.

Expected release date: 31 July

I honestly hope that this murder mystery is not like Pretty Little Liars or One Of Us Is Lying, because I’m not up for that. Really not. Still, the synopsis sounds interesting, but this is one book on which I will be on the lookout for reviews before getting my hands on it.

We will immediately move forward to the end of the month, because these books are interesting.

Expected release date: 28 August

This book sounds interesting, because it’s an Iranian-American culture based story and they mainly impress me. However, i will be on the lookout for reviews and probably retrieve it from Bookshare (the library for the blind) as for my *cough*semi book buying ban *cough*.

Expected release date: 28 August

Mirage however, is pre-ordered. And yes, this is done based on the big hype around this book in the international book community and the positive ARC reviews I’ve read.

My birthday month and there will be lots of Dutch books out. However, there are also two English ones I’m curious for.

Expected release date: 4 September

Yes, this is based on glowing ARC reviews as well. Sadie sounds like a totally different murder mystery and I really hope it is. Will be on the lookout for reviews again.

Expected release date: 5 September

This one is pre-ordered based on ARC reviews. How often do we see a YA novel where sports are playing a very important role?

Autumn is in the air! Time for some tea, blankets, candles and books. These ones are to be expected.

Expected release date: 2 October

Shadow Of The Fox is one book I will be reading in Dutch. Why? It sounds complicated in English since it’s not my first language. Plus, the Dutch version of this book is out on 25 September, so yeah.

Expected release: 9 October

I had this book on pre-order, but canceled it. I didn’t know whether it would be published in Dutch or not, since Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera have different publishers overhere. However, the translation will be out soon after, so I will wait. I’m incredibly curious for this book since Adam Silvera’s books impress me more than Becky Albertalli’s. Don’t get me wrong, I like Becky, but I’m getting less impressed and her books end up getting a lower rating from me.

Expected release date: 16 October

The Dutch version will be out soon after the original publish date, so again I will wait. I prefer reading in Dutch but English is no problem for me, so I mix it. The cover of this book has not been revealed yet.

Expected release date: 23 October

What else can I say than YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS?! Haha, I only have to wait until April 2019 to be able to read it. Why? Because I have the entire series in Dutch and I want to have them complete in one language. This book is enormous and I honestly can’t wait for it, although I’m only at the fifth book. But come on, it’s Sarah J. Maas.

Expected release date: 30 October

And there is more Sarah J. Maas coming our way. This book is an explanation of the world of Throne Of Glass. I really cannot wait for this since I find the world a little complex and confusing at times.

Expected release date: 30 October

A Lux spin-off series, yay! We are still getting the Lux series down here, the last book will be released early 2019. So, I have to wait a little longer until I can read this book without receiving some spoilers.

Autumn is really striking now and it’s slowly time to write down the books we would like to receive from Santa. Maybe these two will be on your list?

Expected release date: 6 November

Again, I will wait for the Dutch translation. Because series in the same language. However, I’m really curious for Nova’s next adventure with the Renegades.

Expected release date: 16 November

November is the month I will be going to the cinema again. Because you really need to see The Crimes Of Grindelwald on the big screen, preferably in IMax 3D. I still have to read The Fantastic Beasts Original Screenplay, but I’ve seen the movie.

The final month of the year, and the final book of the year. Yes, this release will be out on the final day of 2018. Honestly, it’s so weird to think about it now as we’re in the middle of a heatwave.

Expected release date: 31 December

Evermore is the sequel to Everless. What will be Jules’ next adventure? Again, I will wait as I have Everless in Dutch.

January 2019
I dared to have a little look to the releases of January 2019 and I found three interesting ones.

Expected release date: 8 January

Even though The Cruel Prince is still chilling in my Kindle app, I already found the release date of the second book. I will be on the lookout and pre-order this once I finished The Cruel Prince. I’m sure I’m going to love it, but you never know.

Expected release date: 8 january

I have to admit that I’m not 100% sure about the release date. Goodreads also talks about 4 September, but Kindle only mentions 8 January. This is also the case for other editions on Goodreads, so I’m confused. However, I pre-ordered the book. You may have found out that I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction, but I’m curious for this particular one. I follow Malala’s work since 2014, right after I read her book I Am Malala. We Are Displaced is something really different, but I’m still curious. I will try my best to write a review, but I find it incredibly difficult for non-fiction.

Expected release date: 29 January

Last but not least, King Of Scars. I will wait for the Dutch translation again, since I have The Grisha and Six Of Crows series in Dutch. I still need to pick up the rest of The Grisha trilogy, but I absolutely loved Shadow & Bone. I hope to do so during this summer.

I know I missed a lot of books, but this list is incredibly long. To which books are you really looking forward to?


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  1. Great post! I’m looking forward to quite a few of these titles myself! Like Spinning Silver, Sadie, Shadow of the Fox, What If It’s Us, Kingdom of Ash, & The Wicked King. I have to look more into Kingdom of Scars though. šŸ˜€

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