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The final day of the decade, the year and the month December. The last day of the month traditionally means a bookhaul. There were not many books releasing this month, so I caught up on the books I wanted to buy earlier. I still had gift cards, so here I go. One book is missing, but that book is missing in my collection too. I bought it, but there are problems with the download link, so it’s not mine yet. Well, what did I actually buy?

Dutch books

Dutch covers, English titles

At first, I bought myself The red scrolls of magic by Cassandra Clare. I’m far from caught up with the Shadowhunter universe, but I hope to do so in 2020. Now I can continue in this world after I finish the rest.

I was a little hesitant about I’m still alive by Kate Alice Marshall. I was wondering whether this book would be something for me or not. However, this book got glowing reviews and it was available for a discounted price, so time for me to check it out. Well, I didn’t like it as much as many others did unfortunately.

The wish collector by Mia Sheridan is actually my second book by this author, but I’m really curious. People are really liking it so far it seems, so let’s find out soon. I hope.

Another 2020 series, The seaside kitchen by Jenny Colgan. I got myself the first two books this summer, but Christmas on the island was available on Bookchoice. It’s too late to read this book now, so I guess it will be winter 2020 when I pick this one up.

Another Christmas book, and one that I actually read this Christmas, is Christmas at the comfort food cafe by Debbie Johnson. I didn’t like it as much as I liked the first book in the series, but it was okay. I posted my mini review on Christmas day actually.

Clare Mackintosh is known for her thrillers – which I have but haven’t read yet and probably never will -, but this general fiction book sounds pretty interesting. So, I bought After the end this month.

English books

In September I gave Red queen by Victoria Aveyard another chance and now I liked it. So, it was time to buy the rest of the main series so I can actually continue. This is Glass sword.

Because they were quite cheap, I got King’s Cage as well.

And finally, we have War Storm. Let’s try and continue this series soon!

I still need to read Verity, but Regretting you is Colleen Hoover‘s newest book and it sounds pretty interesting, so I pre-ordered it and received it.

The wait is finally over, Children of virtue and vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi came out this month. This was my only anticipated book for December, so I really wanted to buy and read it soon. I already read it and my review will be up on January 2.

I knew Naya Rivera, who played Santana Lopez on Glee, got a memoir out for a while. Since I’m rewatching Glee on Netflix, I became curious for this and Sorry Not Sorry wasn’t that expensive on Kindle either. So, in my digital basket it went.

I caved and bought the English version of Supernova by Marissa Meyer. I have the other books in this series in Dutch, but this book will be out late 2020 and honestly I just can’t wait that long. Therefore I clicked that “buy” button. I really want to know how things will end for Nova and Adrian and of course the rest.


Actually I bought Viper by Bex Hogan as ebook first, but VoiceOver skipped out on every first page of each chapter because of the image in the heading. So, I had no choice than getting the audiobook. I already listened to it, but I didn’t enjoy it as much. It was good, but not good enough to convince me to continue this series.

The final book of this bookhaul is one I was able to get because I returned another audiobbok. I heard lots of good stuff about Scythe by Neal Shusterman and I also heard that this series work better in audio, so I got myself this first book.

So far, my final bookhaul of the year. I will be reading more of the backlist titles in the upcoming period, since there won’t be many interesting books releasing in January. How is your December haul?


3 responses to “Bookhaul | December 2019

  1. Wow, what a nice book haul!!
    I’ve also gotten a bookstore gift card for my birthday – I have yet to go buy them, though!

    This copy of Christmas at the Comfort Food Café is so pretty !! (despite the dog not being a dachshund, ahaha!) — as of which I’ve added to my virtual wanna read, being a grinch myself i’m quite eager to read it! I’ve also added Regretting you.

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