Bookending Winter: Oh no! Power blackout during snowstorm!

Posted december 23, 2019 by Laurie in Boekenpraat, Booktalk, English, events / 1 Comment

Well well, that has been a while! After my hosting days I haven’t done anything for Bookending Winter, but I barely did anything for the blog to be honest. Today I’m back with another prompt, created by Anisa @ A Bookish Bibliophile. I have to admit that the situation in this prompt is quite unfamiliar to me since we barely get snow overhere, let alone a snowstorm.

For today’s prompt we all have to imagine ourselves in a snowstorm with a power blackout. You can only bring 3 books along with you to your room and comfort yourself while the power is out. Which books will you bring?

I will pick three books from my TBR, because I have a lot to read still and this way I can actually get some reading done. However, I only read ebooks and audiobooks, so let’s see how far I will get!

At first I will pick Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. I know that this book is long and I want to read it for a while now, so let’s do it.

Second, I will pick up Muse of nightmares by Laini Taylor. I want to read this book for a while now too and it’s also long.

Finally, I will pick another Laini Taylor book, Dreams of gods and monsters. I started this series this year and it would be lovely to actually finish it this year too.

If you need to pick three books to read during a power blackout during a (snow)storm, which books would you pick?


One response to “Bookending Winter: Oh no! Power blackout during snowstorm!

  1. Godsgrave’s cover is so pretty ! I don’t think i’ve seen it before (or you know, not as frequent as some other books xd)

    We do have snowstorms, but it didn’t lasted more than maybe 12hours? so to be honest whatever book I am currently reading shall do the trick as i’m such a slow reader/”do anything else but reading” xD

    Now i’m not sure which would be best between paper or ebook in that case.. with ebook you don’t need a light BUT you’re restrained to however much battery you have left — while paper you do need lighting, but can be an easy fix with candles/phone light/reading light..

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