(EN) Bookending Spring: Controling the social media chaos

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April is all about Bookending Spring and today’s post is about controling the social media chaos. This prompt is created by Charvi. I do not have many social media platforms I use for my blog, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Especially with work et cetera. So, this is how I control the chaos.

Social media platforms

I assume that you are familiar with all the existing social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Discord…… Yes, there are a lot of platforms you could use for your blog. I have a Facebook page and of course Twitter, because I’m not interested in all the other platforms. I have Instagram just for personal use, but I barely post on there.


When I started blogging in 2017, I created a Facebook page after a few weeks. I was convinced that it would increase my traffic and in the beginning it did. However, I kept forgetting to share all my content and moreover Facebook is hating on business/blog pages lately. So, the only thing I do on my blog page on Facebook is autopost. All the blogs I publish will be autoposted to my Facebook page and I only reach like 50 people each week. I have about 180 likes, but I have the feeling that Facebook is a tough platform for bloggers. First the algorithm and now everything else. I heard a lot of drama lately. Well, it means that people barely see your blog posts in their newsfeed, which leads to less traffic. Plus I barely have time to do something with that page, so I’m considering deleting that one. It’s not bringing me much traffic anyways.


Twitter is by far the most useful social media platform for bloggers. There is a lot of interaction there. You can reply to other bloggers as well as retweeting and liking their posts. I share my blogs on Titter a lot. First through autopublish, provided by WordPress.

Furthermore, I tweet promotional tweets through Tweetdeck. This tool lets you schedule your tweets. This way, you guys could see me tweeting blog stuff while I’m at the office. Go to Tweetdeck and log in with your account. Click on “compose tweet” and write what you want. Use the permalink, which you can retrieve when you edit your blog post. Then, click on “schedule tweet” and choose whenever you want to publish your tweet. I always schedule it twice, 2 hours after publishing the blog post on my blog and then 12 hours later. It’s easy to forget, but nowadays, scheduling my tweets is becoming part of my publishing routine.

Scrolling through Twitter is a different story. Unfortunately, Twitter got rid of the “maybe you missed this” section. I found this section really useful since I used this to catch up. Now I have the feeling that I miss so many things and blog posts. I know you can create lists, but I’m too lazy to do so. Oh well, if I understand my own Twitter chaos, it’s all fine.

Bloglovin’ and WordPress Reader

Not originally social media, but in my opinion you can’t leave out these blog readers when posting about controling the social media chaos. I use both Bloglovin’and the WordPress Reader and I follow tons of blogs on there. I used to have my Bloglovin’ connected to Twitter, but as a result I was overpublishing. Bloglovin’ automatically tweeted my blogs after publishing, same as WordPress. Moreover, Bloglovin’ directed to their website and not to my own. Now I just use Bloglovin’ for getting an overview of the published blogs and I don’t like or comment on that platform. I changed my settings and now the particular blog opens on the blog itsself and not on Bloglovin’. I comment on the blog and not on Bloglovin’. I use the wordpress reader the same way.


I’m a member of several Discord servers which contain channels to share your blogposts. One condition is that you comment on other members’ blog posts. However, I can barely find time to go bloghopping, definitely with work. I haven’t found a routine for this platform, but it’s bringing me a lot of traffic. Just like Twitter.

These are the social media platforms I use and try to control. Twitter is my main platform and I am able to control my chaos on there. In my opinion, it’s best to keep your blog social media to a minimum. Not only to control the chaos, but also because of the algorithm of most platforms. They mess up your traffic.

What is your favorite social media platform for your blog and how do you control the chaos on there?


4 responses to “(EN) Bookending Spring: Controling the social media chaos

  1. This was a great post! I think it’s important to work on social media and what works for you. I need to get into using twitter and discord more, try find a routine in it.

    • Laurie

      For me Twitter is more into my routine because I am already on there for forever. I think I joined in 2009.

  2. I fear that facebook hate for pages didn’t come from yesterday .. managing pages since ~2012… it has always been that way :/ they want to corner page owners to get them to pay money to get their stuff promoted; knowing that, this is one of my reasons for not even making one xD It isn’t worth the trouble, in my opinion.

    I do use Bloglovin’ and wp feed’s too ! though mostly Bloglovin’ theses days- I may read the post on that but I make sure to click on the link to comment. I’d do however save it on their website as it makes it easier for me to track down posts for giving some love back and showcase them !
    I just wrote my post for this, and I gotta say I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add goodreads or even BlogLovin’.. so im glad to see what you did !
    Kristina onlangs geplaatst…We were beautiful ~ Heather Hepler ☆ ReviewMy Profile

    • Laurie

      I save them indeed, but when I don’t have to work I just go reading immediately. When I read the particular blog, it links me to the website which leads to more traffic for the specific blog.

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