Bookending Winter: Reflection time

December 2, 2019     Laurie     BEWinter2019, Bookend Events, Discussion

Welcome welcome to my first day as your host of Bookending Winter 2019! If you want to know all about this fun event to bring the book blogging community closer together, read the announcement post. Ohhhh and don’t forget to join in on this fun running from December 1 till December 31!

Speaking of which…….. December. This year went so incredibly fast, it’s unbelieveable! However, December is the month where it’s time to make some lists and reflect on the past 11 months. Furthermore, it’s time to look forward to 2020 and what you want to change (or not) or what you’re excited for. In short: reflection time. So, let’s reflect on our bookish 2019!

Reading Challenge

The first thing most bookworms do on January 1, is setting their Goodreads reading challenge. Well, I didn’t this year. I just didn’t want to read for the numbers, I just wanted to read because I wanted to without stressing about my Goodreads goal. I know myself, I will get very very fanatic in the end just to get a round or beautiful number. I’m glad I didn’t set myself a goal this year.

Furthermore, the Goodreads challenge is pretty boring. It’s just about the number of books and you won’t be exposed to read something far from your comfort zone. In the Netherlands, we have Hebban which is the Dutch Goodreads. I didn’t set myself a challenge on there either until a giveaway – which I didn’t end up entering anyway – for which I needed to set a challenge. I had no clue how many books I had read at that time, it was somewhere in August. So, I entered that I want to read 200 books. I won’t make it and honestly that’s okay. I’m close and that’s good enough. Why I’m mentioning Hebban here is because of the challenges they set within the general reading challenge. You don’t have to tick all the boxes off, but there are cathegories. For example: read a book set in World War II, Read a book you’d long forgotten about or read a popular book club book. These are some of the 2019 cathegories. I haven’t checked the 2020 ones yet, but I will participate in this challenge – with a goal of 150 books as that seems more realistic than 200 books – because of the cathegories. These cathegories will expose me and therefore will make this challenge fun.

I will combine the Hebban challenge with the reading challenge of Lauren’s book club Books and tea. This challenge seems fun too and will expose me as well. Maybe I will finally read books that have been on my TBR forever. So, no Goodreads challenge for me.

Bookish events

2019 Has been a good year regarding events too. I went to YALFest, YALTival and Yalfu, where I met Kristen Ciccarelli, Stephanie Garber and V. E. Schwab along with many more (mainly Dutch) authors. Furthermore, I went to one book presentation, but I like the panel events more than one single presentation. That’s what I’ve noticed during these events. I wonder what 2020 has in stock for me as I haven’t heard anything about YALFest yet and probably can’t go to YALTival.

Most important: books

What is a bookish reflection without a reflection on the books you’ve read this year? Exactly. This year had ups and downs for me regarding reading. To be honest, and unfortunately, I found many of the highly anticipated 2019 releases a bit mediocre, let alone underwhelming. I have to admit that I barely read general fiction or thrillers this year, or at least not in English. I read in both Dutch and English and most Dutch 2019 releases already had their English release in 2018 or even before. However, the big English young adult releases I read, such as The gilded wolves, Ninth house and The Beautiful were really disappointing to me.

Did I read any good books then? Oh of course! The Slated trilogy by Teri Terry got it’s Dutch translation this year and I loved those books. I actually read them in English, but I never heard of these books before. Furthermore, I liked Spin the dawn by Elizabeth Lim, Girls of paper and fire by Natasha Ngan and of course Finale by Stephanie Garber. I have read more good books, but I haven’t rated so many books 3 stars, let alone have I DNF’ ed so many books as in 2019. Are my reading tastes changing? I don’t know!

Looking forward

Well, I don’t have a challenge to complete, so it’s time to look forward. I am not screaming about any 2020 releases yet, although I’m really curious for House of earth and blood by Sarah J. Maas and Imagine me by Tahereh Mafi. Overall, I hope that the 2020 releases will be more my cup of tea and that I’m able to enjoy young adult again. However, I already cancelled my pre-order for Infinity Son by Adam Silvera as I only seem to see negative reviews of this book. Oh well, let’s hope for the best!

How was your bookish 2019? It would be lovely if you share your take on this reflection with me in either the comments or with a pinback!

14 responses to “Bookending Winter: Reflection time

  1. I don’t know why but I always prefer reading challenges if they have prompts – read a book set in x year. Read a book with less than a thousand reviews. It makes for a challenge and you even get to read beyond your comfort zone and maybe even find you like a book you weren’t planning on liking!
    Ooh, I’m glad you met V.E. Schwab. She looks like she’s a great person. 200 books is a great goal! Even if you don’t meet it and only read like 50 books or something – still pretty good.
    There’s a lot of 2020 releases I’m looking forward to but I think I need to go around and look because I can’t remember much of them but I am really looking forward to Cemetery Boys and Ghost Squad are most definitely on my list.

  2. That’s quite a reasonable reason to not set a GR challenge. What worked for me was going lower than how much I read the past year, so I know I can easily “tick it off” before the end of the year.

    I find it interesting that you like thoses with some goals of reading X types of books, as it don’t work too well with me xD if anything, it adds me some extra pressure; as i’m a mood reader. so maybe it’s just not my type, or not what I feel like reading, and I don’t just wanna read something for the sake of reading something.

    Oh im sorry that your 2019 new releases weren’t quite as enjoying as you’d hope .. hopefully you’d read better books in 2020 xx

  3. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy as many 2019 releases as you’d wanted. I tell myself every year that I’m not setting a Goodreads challenge, but then I do because I am a highly competitive person with myself. I need to do better than my personal best, so chances are I’ll set my number next year as well. I did have to lower my goal this year, because for me 2019 was the year of the reading slump. Hopefully 2020 won’t be like that, especially since I’ve discovered the joys of audiobooks.
    I hope your reading will go better in 2020 and you’ll enjoy a lot more anticipated reads than you did in 2019.

  4. I definitely get addicted to doing my GoodReads Challenge but sorry to hear most of your reads weren’t above 3 stars for you, hopefully 2020 will be a year of 4 & 5 stars! I’m so glad you liked Spin the Dawn and Girls of paper and fire! I love those!

  5. You’ve had an eventful (and looks like good year!). I always struggle with my GR goals in terms of what to set them at. I never know…

    Good luck for 2020!

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